Anatomy of a Private Sculpture Commission (Part 2)

Sometimes clients know exactly what they’re looking for, but often they don’t. Maybe they’ve seen one of my public sculptures and want to own a smaller version of it. Sometimes they’ll have seen one of my table -top sized studies and want something similar - but bigger.  And sometimes they’re just not sure exactly what they’re looking for.

In those cases, I’ll ask a few questions, and based on the responses, put together a range of images that seem to align with the responses. Together, we then narrow those images to the one that resonates most and a 3D model (maquette) is created that includes adjustments as



Maquettes like these provide the collector with a tangible representation of the sculpture that they can touch and look at from every angle before the actual sculpture is created. Clients tell me they enjoy being able to walk around their space holding one of these models.  As they do, they’re turning it this way and that to get a real-life feel for how the sculpture will look in their space.