Anatomy of a Private Sculpture Commission (Part 1)

Anatomy of a Private Commission ( part 1of 4)

This private commission began with my client's desire to bring a heightened sense of joy to his home space. He wanted to do this with sculpture - that much he knew.  But what kind? How big,? How many? When he reached out to me, he hadn't decided any of these questions. And that's perfectly fine.  You don't need know exactly what you want when you contact me about a commission. Part of the fun of this process is figuring that out together. Some clients want to be very involved, and some prefer to simply allow me to respond to the space, then present them with options.You can be as engaged in the process as you wish. 

Of course people have different tastes, and spaces have their own particular character and feel. I like to ask questions to help me understand how the client uses the space - or would like to use it.  Quick snapshots like the ones seen here are very helpful for understanding the character of a space. It's great to have a picture of the client in the space. It gives them ( and me)  a very useful point of reference when deciding how big their sculpture should be.