Dance as Inspiration for Art

The human form has always been a rich source of artistic inspiration for me. The way the human form (especially dancer) occupy and move through space provides some insightful metaphors for the way we humans move through the world and occupy our place in it.

While I did my share of disco dancing in the 80’s, I don’t think moving across the floor in platforms shoes qualifies me as a dancer - it’s ok, that image makes me cringe too.

I grew up in California’s rural San Joaquin valley; not what anyone would’ve considered a hotbed of arts and culture.  My earliest exposure to the arts came from books I borrowed from the school library. Not only did they introduce me to the world of the visual arts, they also allowed me a peek into a world occupied by such greats as Martha Graham and Mikhail Baryshnikov. Later, I became aware of the amazing talents of Bill T. Jones, Twyla Thorpe Judith Jamison.

Having been a high school jock, I find the parallels between dance and athletics fascinating.  For me watching movements of a skilled dancer or athlete and looking at an amazing work of art have the same effect - they transport me from the world of the ordinary and mundane to a universe where everything and anything seems possible.